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Can You Put Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?

Without daily use of mascara, the eyelash extension technique is an excellent way to get long, fluttery, and voluminous lashes. These extensions are made of synthetic or silk fibers. If you are not an expert in applying lash extensions, then you must book an appointment with a lash professional.

A lash professional can attach these extensions individually to your natural lashes, giving them the appearance of fuller lashes without making them fake. There are many types of lash extensions, such as lengthened styles, curly styles, and thick lashes. Is it safe to apply mascara to eyelash extensions?

To know the answer to your question, please keep reading the article. I will also share some tips for the longevity of your lash extensions.

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Among lash extension users, many often ask the question of whether or not using mascara with lash extensions is safe. Yes, you can put mascara on lash extensions, but with care. That’s the short answer to this question.

Only Recommended on Classic Eyelash Extensions: Wearing classic lash extensions allows you to apply mascara. If you have thick or hybrid lash extensions, it would be better to avoid wearing mascara.

A couple coats of mascara will give the appearance of fuller, bolder, more volumized, and thicker lashes. It would be best to consider an expert lash professional salon near you in your local area.

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Instead of attempting to find a positive response to the question “Can You Put Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?” it is advised that you use mascara alternatives.

Use eyelash extension sealer instead of mascara. The eyelash sealer won’t damage your extensions, and it will help to protect and extend their longevity.

Should you wish to thicken the base of your eyelash extension, apply a thin or long-lasting liquid liner. It will give a thicker appearance to your lash extensions.

A woman has applied eyeliner to her eyelash extensions, but she is not wearing mascara

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Using a gentle lash cleanser will help you keep your lash extensions looking clean and in the right shape. With this technique, the extensions will remain free of dirt and makeup touchups on the face. You can also use a disposable mascara brush to clean your lash extensions.

Regularly cleaning eyelash extensions with a disposable mascara brush is an easy way to prevent any damage to the extensions.

Regularly cleaning eyelash extensions with a disposable mascara brush is an easy way to prevent any damage to the extensions

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Still necessary, though, is consultation with a licensed lash specialist. They can offer customized suggestions depending on the type of extensions and your style preferences.

An expert lash professional is attaching the lash extensions to a woman's natural lashes

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You should avoid applying mascara to lash extensions. Mascara can ruin the look of your false lash extensions. If you apply mascara to your lash extensions, the following problems may occur:

Ingredients in mascara can damage lash extensions. Most mascaras contain waxes and oils that weaken the adhesive connection between extensions and lashes, causing them to adhere less to natural lashes. Additionally, lash extensions may appear rough-looking and too old, like an old tooth brush.

Mascara applied to extensions could clump and flake. Mascara may cling to extensions, giving them an unattractive, messy look.

Removing mascara from lash extensions is not easy because they are made up of synthetic fibers. In comparison to natural lashes, false lash extensions may appear less attractive or ugly due to washing them again and again.

To prevent damaging the extensions, carefully and gently remove the mascara. No lash expert advises using ordinary makeup removers, as they may contain components that could harm the lash extensions. It would be best if you use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to remove mascara from lash extensions.

  1. Apply some vaseline or petrolium jelly to lash extensions.
  2. Gently massage them with your fingers.
  3. Wash lash extensions with warm water and let them dry.

In conclusion, “Can You Put Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?” is that you shouldn’t use it, even if it’s a typical practice. The reason eyelash extensions are so appealing is that they give you gorgeous lashes without mascara. To keep your extensions looking good, look for eyelash extension sealers and keep them clean after use.

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