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Did Vikings wear mascara? Who are Vikings?

There is no historical evidence or documentation to suggest that Vikings specifically wore mascara in the way we understand it today. The concept of mascara as a cosmetic product for enhancing the appearance of eyelashes is a relatively modern development. The Vikings use kohl as an eye-makeup product. They also use it as eyeliner, and recent studies proved that the kohl is good for the eyes.

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However, it is worth noting that Vikings did engage in personal grooming and adornment. They used various substances and methods to enhance their appearance, including body paints, dyes, and possibly certain eye cosmetics. Historical accounts suggest that both men and women Vikings occasionally used kohl or soot around the eyes to create a smoky or darkened effect. However, whether this was primarily for decorative purposes or had practical uses, such as reducing glare from the sun or protecting the eyes from insects, or making their appearance as a dangerous worrier, is still being determined.

While it is conceivable that Vikings might have used substances around the eyes for aesthetic purposes, it is important to remember that the historical information available is limited. Specific details regarding their grooming practices may need to be clarified or subject to interpretation.

Who are Vikings?

The Vikings were seafaring people from the late 8th to the 11th centuries. They originated from the Scandinavian region, which includes present-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The term “Viking” is derived from the Old Norse word “víkingr,” which means “pirate” or “raider.”

Vikings were known for their skilled navigation and shipbuilding abilities, and they embarked on voyages of exploration, trade, and warfare throughout Europe, the North Atlantic, and even as far as the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. They played a significant role in shaping the history of the regions they traveled to.

did Vikings wear mascara or not


The Vikings had a complex society consisting of farmers, traders, craftsmen, and warriors. They were organized into clans and chieftain-led societies. The warrior class, known as the “berserkers,” were renowned for their fearlessness in battle.

The Vikings left a lasting impact on the areas they encountered. They established settlements, engaged in trade, and influenced local cultures through their interactions. They are often associated with their iconic longships, their distinctive art styles known as Norse or Viking art, and their mythology, which includes gods in their religion like Odin, Thor, and Loki.

Final Words: Did Vikings wear Mascara or not?

It’s important to note that the popular image of Vikings as solely violent raiders is only partially accurate. While they did engage in raiding and warfare, they were also skilled traders, explorers, and farmers with a rich cultural heritage and a complex society. Vikings wear only “kohl.”

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