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How Do You Make Mascara Run? Revive Your Mascara

I feel so exposed without mascara! It’s amazing what a difference a small swipe of mascara makes! Isn’t it annoying to reach for your favorite mascara and find it all clumpy and dry? 😚

Good friends (drum roll please!), I’m going to share a little-known cosmetic tip with you below that will help breathe new life into your mascara.…and add a couple more priceless days of use! 🤩

Regretfully, mascaras typically have an expiration date of three months after opening. If you use mascara that is older than this, you run the risk of exposing your eyes to potentially harmful bacteria and diseases. 👁

Image by: Hollie Ramsey from Pixabay

The bristles on your mascara are another obvious clue that it’s an “old gal.”—are they worn down and have minimal product on them? or is the texture different?

All of these indicate that your mascara is officially outdated! 🙅‍̀️

However, occasionally, mascaras may dry out before their “time” is up; this is where I hope to be of assistance! 🌟

There are two possible reasons why your mascara can dry out too soon.

“pumping,” or quickly moving the brush in and out of the mascara, can make mascaras dry out before they expire! When too much air gets inside the mascara tube, it oxidizes and dries out more quickly.

To ensure a thick layer of mascara is applied to the wand, try twisting it within the tube rather than pumping it on; this may help your mascara last longer!

If you leave your mascara open, even for a little while, it may evaporate and get dry from the heat and air. As always, ensure that the mascara is sealed as firmly as possible! Examine if you need to revive your mascara.

If your mascara needs to be revived, don’t freak out! I can easily revive them in two simple ways! 👍

Both methods should help boost your mascara, but if it seems hopeless, try combining them (kept for serious emergencies!).

What is required:

  • Your mascara or eye makeup
  • Water in a cup and at a boil


  1. Fill a cup with boiling water after bringing the kettle to a boil.
  2. Drop your dehydrated mascara into the water, being cautious not to submerge the mascara to the top.
  3. After about five minutes, the hot water will loosen the consistency.


This trick will buy you a few more days of use, but it’s just a temporary fix that needs to be done every time you apply mascara! 💕

Savior of contact lens solutions!

What is required:

  • Your mascara or eye makeup
  • Saline contact lens solution


  1. Take out the mascara wand and grab your bottle of saline contact lens solution, which is available at most pharmacies.
  2. Only add one or two drops (per mascara tube) to the container. The secret is to apply a small amount at a time—using too much can make your mascara overly runny.
  3. Toss in the solution by replacing the wand and giving it a little jiggle.
  4. Examine the consistency using your hand’s back. Add one or two more drops if it’s still a little dry.

View the outcomes…

Hey, look! You deserve to enjoy your favorite mascara for a few more days! 👏

But remember, if your mascara has dried out because it is outdated, throw it away immediately!

However, if it requires extra care, my above advice will hopefully be helpful! Please find out the method I use to apply mascara! Check out this post to learn how I like to apply mascara for the best possible impact.

These small beauty tips have taught you something new. …and rejoice that you’ve just spared the life of a mascara!

Shahnaz Nazim

Shahnaz Nazim

The author, Shahnaz Nazim (Aleezay) is a mascara Enthusiast and Passionist. I do research for the best mascara products on the internet. Big websites like Amazon, byrdie, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Tarte, Maybelline, and Loreal Paris have honest ratings and reviews from customers who bought the products from these websites. I go there and read all the positive and negative reviews for each mascara product. I collect all the information about what people are talking about the product, for whom it is the best product, and for whom it is not good.

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