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How to remove Washable and Waterproof Mascara easily?

In this article, we will discuss all the frequently asked questions by users and customers about mascaras. Last night, on 28 August, I was online. I searched for the problems that users face while removing or applying the mascara, how to put the mascara, why my mascara is getting wet in the cold, how to stop the mascara from running, etc.

Some people have an issue that their mascara is clumping, and some say they are facing a smudge issue with mascara.

There are hundreds of types of mascaras, all available with washable and waterproof properties. But all the versions differ in features; it is appreciable that Loreal and Maybelline developed the mascaras for everyone with more enhancing features.

Some mascara versions are for lengthening the eyelashes, volumizing effects, a bolder look, and fuller eyelashes. Some mascara lovers only need the curled lashes effects, especially for older women’s thinning eyelashes. They featured all the drama effects in each Loreal and Maybelline mascara version.

I will also discuss the other related problems of mascaras. For instance, which mascaras are cruelty-free and best for sensitive eyes? Additionally, which ingredients does brand use to formulate the mascaras?

There is no doubt that Loreal, Covergirl, Tarte, Lancome, TooFaced, Essence, MAC Cosmetics, and Maybelline makeup products are reliable and trustworthy among ladies worldwide.

The author, Shahnaz Nazim (Alezy is my daughter, a premature baby of 6 months and ten days. I started this website in her name.), is a certified designer consultant and makeup expert in the cosmetics industry. I do research for the best makeup products on the internet. Big websites like Amazon, byrdie, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Tarte, Maybelline, and Loreal Paris have honest ratings and reviews from customers who bought the products from these websites.

Removing regular mascara is easy as compared to removing the waterproof mascara. Here are the simple steps you can follow which will help avoid lash loss.

  1. Soak a cotton pad in oil-free eye makeup remover; it is fragrance-free and friendly for sensitive eyes. You can also use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I will not recommend you remove the mascara using makeup remover wipes. Because with makeup remover wipes, you have to hold the eyelashes in a wipe, and while rubbing, you could have lash loss. Additionally, it is not a gentle process to remove any mascara.
  2. Close your eyes and keep applying slight pressure for five to ten seconds.
  3. Slide the cotton pad gently downwards and around the eyes to remove the mascara completely. Don’t forget to wipe from inside the lashes, outer and inner corners.
  4. Now you can clean the rest of the makeup if you are in full makeup, wash the face with soap, and you are done.

This is the easy way to remove your Mascara WITHOUT Damaging your Eyelashes, get longer and stronger eyelashes.

Removing waterproof mascara has been relatively easy since launched the new Maybelline Eye Makeup Remover with a bi-phase formula. This formula works well in just one wash; you can easily remove any waterproof mascara.

  1. Soak the cotton pad in the Eye Makeup Remover and hold it gently over your closed eye for thirty seconds.
  2. Please do not rub your eyes while holding the cotton pad.
  3. After the thirty seconds, start wiping your mascara away.
  4. Use your cotton pad in a downward direction. Start from the inner corners of your eyes and swipe the cotton pad outwards.
  5. Your mascara will slide off easily, and if you notice that your mascara hasn’t budged, repeat the step until the mascara comes off completely.

Shahnaz Nazim

Shahnaz Nazim

The author, Shahnaz Nazim (Aleezay), is a mascara enthusiast, passionist, and beauty writer. I search for the best mascara products on the internet. Customers who bought products from big websites like Amazon, Byrdie, M.A.C, Tarte, Maybelline, and Loreal Paris always left honest ratings and reviews about the product. I go there and read all the positive and negative reviews for each mascara product. I collect all the information about what people are saying about the product, for whom it is the best, and for whom it is not good.

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