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What is the mascara on Tiktok called? Tiktok Mascara Trend

Everyone wants to know the tiktok mascara meaning. In short, the young generation of this era is very fast and intelligent. The new generation needs to use the complete word while talking with friends; youngsters are very smart and brilliant. They use code words among friends so no one else can understand them.

Similarly, young people use “mascara” as a code word while discussing sex and relationships. The Mascara wand is male, and the mascara container or bottle is female. In many other videos, the word mascara is also used for a man.

For instance, one trending Tiktoker said in her video, “I trusted my mascara for seven years, but it failed me badly whenever I needed it the most.” Some people who do not know the trending tiktok mascara meaning are still searching for the mascara trend on Tiktok. The screenshot below will explain everything about #tiktokmascaratrend.

what is tiktok mascara trend

Why are we focused on Tiktok mascara? We all know about this Tiktok trend used by many beauty influencers to tell their viewers about the worth of the best beauty products. Influencers make beauty to its golden standard, and everyone knows quickly what’s the best to pick from the market.

The “mascara” trend on Tiktok is not about makeup or beauty products but serves as a coded language for discussing relationships, breakups, and sexual experiences.

This trend has seen users talk about their romantic relationships using “mascara” as a metaphor for their partners. For instance, some users might share stories about how long they’ve been with their “mascara,” its impact on them, or the pain of separating from it.

Or @professionalmeateater, who described being heartbroken by her boyfriend using the mascara trend: “The one mascara I ever really liked ended up damaging my eyelashes really badly so now I’m too scared to try any new mascaras because I can’t take my eyelashes being damaged again.”

@cammiejcarroll lol! #mascaratrend #fypシ #xyzbca #foryou ♬ constellations by duster – ‍

This code word allows people to share intimate details of their lives creatively and subtly, navigating around Tiktok’ s content guidelines that restrict sexually explicit language.

The trend has also expanded to include serious topics like sexual assault, providing a platform for users to share personal experiences in a supportive community context.

This inventive use of language highlights the platform’s unique culture, where users develop and share their own lexicon to discuss various aspects of life​​​​​​.

In 2018, the TikTok app ranked fifth among other apps. Nowadays, life standard means a lot directly related to the makeup industry. Beauty-conscious people always want to improve their personalities and looks. And they were the active users of TikTok platforms that would get direct connection with the influencing world.

What does sharing mascara mean?

Sharing mascara typically refers to the act of using the same mascara applicator or tube between two or more people. While it might seem like a harmless gesture of friendship or a quick solution when someone forgets their makeup, sharing mascara (or any other eye makeup) can actually pose health risks.

It can lead to the transmission of bacteria and viruses, potentially causing eye infections or conditions such as conjunctivitis (pink eye). Makeup artists and eye care professionals often advise against sharing any products that come into close contact with the eye area to prevent these risks.

On the other hand, according to tiktok mascara trending; sharing mascara means having one boyfriend among two female friends. 😉

For example, a TikTok user @emmthevirgo posted a video about her partner, saying, “I’ve had my mascara since I was 14. I’m now 24. Only mascara I’ve ever tried but I know there’s nothing like this one anywhere else.” She is happy with her partner. 😉

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Miss Jules replied to mascara trend on tiktok
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What is a go to Makeup Needs?

On TikTok, “mascara” generally refers to a makeup product that enhances eyelash appearance. However, the meaning of “mascara” on TikTok can vary depending on the context.

For example, some TikTok videos may showcase different types of mascara, including application techniques and product reviews. Others may focus on mascara hacks or tips for achieving a particular look with mascara.

Some TikTok users may also use “mascara” as a hashtag or keyword to categorize their videos, making it easier for other users to find and discover their content.

Overall, the meaning of “mascara” on Tiktok is closely tied to makeup and beauty trends, and it can refer to a wide range of topics related to eyelash enhancement and beauty.

The TikTok mascara trend refers to various makeup and beauty-related trends that have gained popularity on TikTok’s social media platform. Some examples of TikTok mascara trends include:

Hacks of Mascara

TikTok users often share unique and creative ways to use mascara, such as curling lashes with a spoon or applying mascara with a toothbrush.

Mascara Reviews

Many TikTok users share their thoughts and opinions on different types of mascara products, showcasing the results and effectiveness of each one.

Mascara Tutorials

TikTok is known for its quick and engaging video format, making it an ideal platform for short makeup tutorials. Many users share step-by-step instructions on how to apply mascara, including tips and tricks for achieving the perfect look.

Before and after Transformations

Some TikTok users showcase the dramatic difference that mascara can make in their appearance, sharing before-and-after photos or videos to demonstrate the transformative power of this beauty product.

Many videos and products related to any industry go viral on TikTok by many TikTok-ers and makeup artists. Overall, the TikTok mascara trend is an exciting and dynamic space constantly evolving with new trends, tips, and techniques for achieving the perfect eyelash look.

Products Hype in TikTok

The product gets its name from TikTok, and worthy products go viral. We all have busy lives and need a daily routine glamour look. To fulfill this necessity, mascara is the best to add glamour to the eyes.

Always a Top Pick

Mascara is always your top pick. Whether you are a beauty-conscious girl or not, you need a light makeup look to enhance your natural facial beauty features. And for many of us, mascara is fun to put on.

Part of Women’s need

Every woman’s bag has lip balm and mascara, and no one can deny this. So here we come with many mascaras that go viral in TikTok, and you can also know them as TikTok mascaras.

We spent hours searching for the best and trending mascaras on the internet and needed clarification every time.

But to make this daunting task easy for you, here are the top two mascaras that get viral, and you can use any of them.

These 2 are viral TikTok mascaras in videos. Let’s have a look.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Noir Balm Volumizing Mascara

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Noir Balm Mascara

Price at time of publish: $9.97 at Amazon.

  • Instantly creates bold volume and dramatic eyelashes.
  • The conditioning formula soften the lashes and keeps them naturally thick.
  • The 7x fuller lashes with just one coat.
  • Not flaky like most mascaras
  • This mascara has two shades: black and rich brown. One customer reviewed on Amazon that the rich brown shade is beautiful, chocolatey, and decent for brown, light brown eyes.
  • A customer’s top critical review on Amazon is that this is not a lengthening mascara because it needed to give me the desired length.


Loreal Paris voluminous noir balm mascara is the perfect masterpiece to enhance the bold makeup look. Eventually, make your eyes pop and more attractive, and your looks knock out the party.

The Mascara Brush with Soft Nylon Bristles

This Noir balm comes with a nylon bristle brush; its evenly distributed and numerous spiked bristles capture every eyelash and deposit valuable material to enhance eyes more elegantly. These bristles are ideal for giving dense, defined layering without snagging the lashes throughout the day.

Balm Soothing Effect

You get to know what unique service it delivers to our lashes from the name. Without any dry-out effect, that led to the breakdown of weak and sticky lashes. But noir balm mascara is the best to give a balm soothing and ultimately glowing look.

All-natural ingredients have a short life span as it does not include harmful ingredients in its formulation. This mascara is paraben-free and mineral oil-free mascara.

7x Voluminous Effect and Washable

As the name indicates, it flutters the volume to your eyes—7x times more volume to your natural eyelashes. The coating you need to wear is enough just for once. Make your eyes more attractive, bold, and prominent.

It will capture all the lashes from root to tip and coat them with naturally infused ingredients. It is also easily washable, and its 200+ bristles give significant volume.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Noir Balm Volumizing Mascara, $9.97 To $12.99;

essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara cosmetics gears

Price at time of publish: $4.99 at Amazon.

  • Free from flaking and fading.
  • Vegan Mascara.
  • Free from alcohol, Paraben, fragrance and mineral oils.
  • Provides the Dramatic Volume.
  • A customer reviewed on Amazon that she has super sensitive eyes, and she tried many cruelty-free brands that failed miserably at meeting her eye’s needs. She felt like she had won the lottery when she tried this product. Another customer reviewed that even after the 7 hours, there was no flaking or smudging on her face.
  • One customer reviewed on Amazon that she purchased this mascara 14 times from Amazon. But they are sending me the dried tubes from the last two or three orders. So, if you buy the mascara from Amazon, ensure the stock is fresh; if not, return it to the supplier.


Essence lash princess mascara went viral in TikTok. And yes, it is worth the hype! It will give you enhanced and defined eyelashes that will amaze you. It is going viral and can be used daily. Without giving you any clumsy and overlook. This mascara is always the best if you have tiny eyelashes.

Conical shape brush

Essence Lash Princess mascara has a fiber conical-shaped brush. That will eventually lead your eyelashes to get strengthened and volumized. It was so intelligently designed that it mimics the pattern of your lashes. It covers every baby eyelash; as every lash is defined, the volume will definitely increase, opening the eyes more femininely.

False lash effect

Thick, defined, and long lashes are always a girl’s dream. A mascara that gives you a high-end effect is Essence Lash Princess mascara. This product is a holy grail, promising a wider-looking false lash effect without using any artificial lashes. Why use false lashes if we have Essence Lash Princess mascara?

Lash Paradise Mascara Review: Ratings and Buying Guide – 2024 Updated

How many coats are preferable

It will give you long-lasting effects. A full day wearing mascara will not give you a clumsy, flaking, and smeared effect. With just one coat, you are ready to go live on Tiktok or Instagram. Let it dry the first coat, and if you are unsatisfied, apply two more coats.

Although you get the desired results at first, to get more magical effects, you can wear more coats to achieve dramatic volume and a glamorous look.

essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, $4.99;


I have told you about the Tiktok mascara meaning in the first paragraph of my post. Additionally, these two mascaras are viral on Tiktok and also famous as Tiktok viral mascaras. You can choose any of them for your daily routine.

With a minimum budget and maximum features, these mascaras suit your desired look. Just as lip balm enhances the natural look of your lips, the same as these two mascaras are, the magical and falsie eyelash effect will no longer stop you from purchasing them and making them part of your favorite mascara.

They both are Incredible and promote the high-end glance with onyx pigment. You truly feel the light-weight and feathery appearance of your eyelashes. And with a balm, it will give a great charm. They both are good at delivering volume and give a catchy look, more attractive and dramatic. Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

Shahnaz Nazim

Shahnaz Nazim

The author, Shahnaz Nazim (Aleezay), is a mascara enthusiast, passionist, and beauty writer. I search for the best mascara products on the internet. Customers who bought products from big websites like Amazon, Byrdie, M.A.C, Tarte, Maybelline, and Loreal Paris always left honest ratings and reviews about the product. I go there and read all the positive and negative reviews for each mascara product. I collect all the information about what people are saying about the product, for whom it is the best, and for whom it is not good.

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