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What to use if you have no mascara? How to make an instant Mascara?

Well, mascara is a important cosmetics gear for every girl, lady and women. But, sometimes you get nervous when you are in hurry to go on the party, and suddenly you found that your mascara has been dried out or the container is empty now. Oh no, my makeup look is not complete and I am having the same traditional eyes. So, what to use if you have no mascara? Don’t worry, I will guide you, what to do in this condition. I will tell you the two professional tips that you can use as an alternate to mascara. Additionally, I will also tell you how to make black or brown mascara instantly in just two minutes.

What to use if you have no Mascara: Two Professional Tips

Castor oil and Vaseline, both are the best alternate when you have no mascara. Let’s discuss below, how to use them individually?

Tip No.1: Castor Oil

The Castor oil is a lash-loving ingredient and it is also very beneficial in growth of eyelashes. Many mascara brands use castor oil in their formulas to get the appearance of soft, silky, and wet lashes. Take a tiny drop of castor oil and apply it on your eyelashes with finger tips. Boom! You are ready with feathery and shiny eyelashes appearance. But, it will not provide any length to thin or small lashes. Because, it is just an instant booster for your eyes that is enough to provide fresh appearance in eyes when you have no mascara. Moreover, the regular use of castor oil makes eyelashes longer and fuller. The natural castor oil is safe and will not irritate sensitive eyes, but it will be more good if you avoid an inside eye contact with castor oil. Yes, you can use it on your eyelashes, I am talking about inside eye contact. Hope you will like this tip, let’s come to the second tip below. 🙂

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Tip No.2: Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

Vaseline has multiple benefits for eyelashes. The regular use of Vaseline can improve the overall health of your eyelashes. Vaseline is also effective in growth of eyelashes. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your upper and bottom lashes. Gently massage the upper lashes to upwards and bottom to downwards. Boom! You are ready with thick eyelashes appearance. It will thicken your eyelashes and if you have just a mascara brush at your table. You can separate the lashes with brush, and if you have not mascara brush then you can also use the eyebrow comb to separate the lashes. If you haven’t both, you can do this with your finger tips by just rubbing them very gently.

Use of castor oil and Vaseline when you have no mascara: The Castor oil provides the silky, soft and wet eyelashes appearance. While the Vaseline provides the thick eyelashes appearance. You can use both on your lashes at the same time. Take one drop of castor oil and a thin layer of Vaseline, blend both beautifully and apply it on your eyelashes. This will provide you the silky, soft, feathery and thick eyelashes appearance. Additionally, it will improve the luster of your eyelashes.

How to make an instant Mascara?

Here we need only three ingredients to make an hypoallergenic mascara that is safe for sensitive skin also and you can use it on all types of skin. But it will be more good if you avoid an inside eye contact.

We have already discussed about the castor oil and Vaseline features for eyelashes. Now we just have to add color in our home made two minutes mascara. Yes, the food color is very safe to add shade. Because the food colors are safe to eat and it is understood they cannot hurt or irritate our eyes, but it is good to avoid inside eye contact. We need the following ingredients for home made two minutes mascara.

  1. Castor Oil
  2. Vaseline
  3. Food color of your choice. (black, brown, purple or any color of your choice)
  4. Small cup for blending

Take 5ml of castor oil and 1gram of Vaseline in a small cup. Blend them beautifully and keep blending unless you see the both products are mixed properly. Now take 1/4 gram of black food color and blend the mixture again until they are mixed properly. Boom! Your home made 2 minute mascara is ready to apply. This mascara is safe for all skin types. It will provide you soft, feathery, shiny, conditioned and thick eyelashes. You can add brown food color to get brown shade in your mascara. While the mostly ladies demand for the purple mascara, yes you can add purple food color in the mixture to get home made purple mascara.

Final Words

This procedure is very easy and this home made mascara will never dry. You can save it in the empty mascara bottle and also you can apply it to eyelashes with wand. It is very simple home made mascara and very safe, especially for those people who have an allergic reaction with all types of makeup products. It is also beneficial for the natural growth of your eyelashes. No need to add any in-organic ingredients in this product.

Shahnaz Nazim

Shahnaz Nazim

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