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The 7 Best Eyelash Primers With Verified Reviews

Eyelash primer serves as a base coat for the eyelashes, creating a smooth, even surface for the application of mascara. This can help in achieving a more uniform look. Many eyelash primers are formulated with fibers or other volumizing ingredients that adhere to the lashes, making them appear thicker and longer.

This provides a more dramatic base for the mascara to build upon. Eyelash primers often contain conditioning agents such as vitamins, minerals, and oils. These ingredients can help to nourish and strengthen the lashes, promoting their health and preventing breakage.

By providing a foundation for the mascara, primers can help to prevent smudging, flaking, and wearing off throughout the day. This can extend the wear time of your mascara and keep your lashes looking great and longer.

Primers usually have a white or translucent base that can make the pigments in mascara appear more vivid and intense, resulting in a more striking look.

While not everyone chooses to use an eyelash primer, incorporating it into your makeup routine can offer several benefits. By smoothing out the lashes and providing a base, the primer allows mascara to adhere better, enhancing its volumizing, lengthening, and curling effects.

Eyelash primer can make a significant difference in how long your mascara lasts, reducing the need for touch-ups and ensuring your lashes stay defined and bold throughout the day. The conditioning ingredients in eyelash primers can protect your lashes from potential damage caused by regular mascara application and removal. This is especially beneficial for those with sensitive or fragile lashes.

While eyelash primer is not an essential step for everyone, for those seeking a more dramatic lash look, a primer can offer that extra boost of volume and length that mascara alone may not achieve.

I have included the top 7 eyelash primers in this post, along with reviews from verified buyers. I have also added a jump link to the buyer’s review for verification.


Price at time of publish:

CILS BOOSTER XL ENHANCING LASH & MASCARA PRIMER; $30 at Lancome, $25.50 at Amazon.

  • Potential allergens: Methylparaben and Propylparaben may pose risks for sensitive individuals.
  • From the Brand: Lancôme’s Cils Booster XL is a lash primer that is infused with microfibers, Vitamin B5, and E for lash enhancement and conditioning. Boosts lash length, volume and curl. Lancôme claims that it is the best eyelash primer to hold curl.
  • Type: Lash and Mascara Primer
  • Key Ingredients: Contains Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and micro-fibers for lash conditioning and volume.
  • Intended Effect: Conditioning formula infused with microfibers and vitamins B5 and E makes eyelashes appear longer and fuller.
LANCÔME CILS BOOSTER XL ENHANCING LASH & MASCARA PRIMER before and after results with lancome mascaras
Image Credit: Lancome
  • Lancôme Définicils Waterproof Mascara; $34 at Amazon.
  • Lancôme Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting & Volumizing Mascara; $25.50 at Amazon.
  • Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara; $25.50 at Amazon.

Nicole seems to really like using the Lancôme CILS BOOSTER XL lash primer before applying mascara. She believes it helps make her lashes longer. However, she advises not to let it dry completely before applying mascara, as it can become tricky to work with. The perfect base layer under the mascara.

EllenSt4 expresses high praise for the lash primer, claiming it’s the best among many she’s tried. She appreciates its long-lasting effects, mentioning that it keeps her mascara looking fresh all day.

On the other hand, TripleDawg finds the product to be good but not significantly better than cheaper alternatives. Despite its clump-free formula, they feel it doesn’t justify the higher price tag and may opt for a cheaper option next time.

Lastly, Avangalista is disappointed with the product, especially considering its high price. She believes there are cheaper alternatives that work better. Additionally, discovering it at a significantly high price in comparison to other primers adds to their disappointment.


  1. Lengthening Effect: Nicole mentioned that the Lancôme Cils Booster XL Enhancing Lash and Mascara Primer seems to make lashes longer when applied before mascara.
  2. Long-Lasting: EllenSt4 praises the primer for its long-lasting effect, stating that it keeps mascara looking fresh all day.
  3. Clump-Free: Tripledawg appreciated that the product doesn’t clump, indicating a smooth application.


  1. High Price: Avangalista expressed disappointment with the high price of the Lancôme Cils Booster XL Enhancing Lash and Mascara Primer, especially considering they found similar products at lower prices.
  2. Comparative Value: Both Tripledawg and Avangalista suggested that while the product is effective, it may not be significantly superior to cheaper alternatives on the market.
  3. Application Difficulty: Nicole cautioned against letting the primer dry completely before applying mascara, suggesting that it could make the application process tricky.

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Shahnaz Nazim

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