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How To Do Clumpy Mascara – Spider Lashes Trend

The 1950s, British fashion model Twiggy’s iconic lashes in the 1960s, and the classic era of the 1990s are all notable examples of spider lashes. It was a time when people, including celebrities and fashion models, considered the spider lashes to be an iconic symbol of their makeup.

Furthermore, in the 1960s, having spidery-looking baby doll lashes was also very notable and considered a symbol of pride in makeup. Clumping together spider-like-looking lashes that were made famous by British model Twiggy is now back in the era of 21s.

Image Credit: Twiggy Lawson Insta Profile

Take, for example, the makeup artist Deanna Melluso, who made the spidery lashes of a famous model. Professional makeup artist and hair stylist Sophie Baverstock created her own clumpy, spider-like lashes.

To get the chunky, spiky look of spider legs, apply multiple coats of mascara to both your top and bottom lashes; this is known as spider lashes. The spider lash effect is not a new look; in fact, it has been popular for decades.

David Razzano is a famous makeup artist in New York, as well as a beauty director at Sephora. His art is truly amazing, evoking the appearance of old spider lashes in a modern style.

To get the best results, choose a buildable, thick formula that adds both length and volume and that stays wet in between coats so that you can easily build it.

By layering more coats on top of the previous coats, you can get the desired spidery-looking lashes. It is absolutely very easy; everyone can do this at home.

The spider-like look is only possible with long eyelashes. If you have short eyelashes, you may need a lash extension to achieve the desired spider lash look.

Follow these steps only if you have long eyelashes. On the other hand, if your eyelashes are short or thin and you need the desired look of spidery lashes, then I recommend you consult a professional makeup artist.

In this video tutorial, a girl is using Loreal telescopic mascara to get the desired appearance of spider lashes. The way she builds it is adorable and very easy to do.

Let me show you some steps to follow:

Curl your eyelashes using your favorite eyelash curler. It is very necessary step to get the desired lashes appearance. It will increase your lash length and will provide a pop lifted spiky look of spider legs.

To achieve the twiggy lash look, you need to layer, layer, and layer the product on your lashes. Remember, your approach should be narrowly focused, so go vertically with the wand. Forget the perfection in this step and add more layers to your lashes. The more clumpier your lashes, the more perfect it is to get twiggy lashes.

After your lashes are as thick as you desire, take out a clean pair of tweezers. To create the appearance of spider legs, gently pinch the tips of multiple lashes with a tweezer to separate and point your lashes.

@haileycampy spider lash tutorial requested by the one and only baddie @rach🤑😈🤠 ♬ stereo love – Liam

She used Loral telescopic mascara, Sky High mascara, and lash sensational mascara by Maybelline to achieve the desired spidery leg appearance in this video.

Let your lashes dry completely before going anywhere. Do not air the lashes; it might take a little longer to dry than applying one or two coats of mascara because there are so many layers now. So sit back and relax; let the lashes dry completely.

Removing your spider lashes can take more patience than a normal mascara removal. It may take a bit more effort than you’re used to. Because there are so many layers, remove them gently and patiently to avoid any lash loss.

It is best to use micellar water or cleansing balm. You must use waterproof makeup remover because it has strong properties to remove mascara from lashes without any extra effort.

  1. Soak a cotton round in the micellar water and place it on your closed eye.
  2. Gently hold the cotton round for 30 seconds on your eyes. It will dissolve the mascara.
  3. Now, gently swipe the cotton round downward and wash your face.

If you have any residual mascara left around your eyes, take a clean cotton round and soak it again in micellar water, then gently clean the mascara spots.

The iconic twiggy lashes are very trendy these days; we can see girls with spidery lashes at parties, celebrities on red carpets, and even going viral on social media. It is not a science, just an art, and you can do it easily at home by following the above simple steps. After having spidery lashes, please let me know in the comment section. It will be a great encouragement for me. Thank you.

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