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L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara: Review, Price, and Availability

Loreal Paris is a globally recognized brand , which stands as the guidance of excellence through its unwavering commitment. A commitment to diversity, quality, innovation, and empowerment.

In 1909, the brand’s commitment to quality, logical greatness, and nonstop development established it as a pioneer within the magnificence industry. What sets l’oreal telescopic mascara apart is its unique blend of cutting-edge scientific excellence, quality formulations, and a mission to make the best of beauty accessible to all.

110 years of progress and still on its way. Fulfilling the beauty needs of the era and still doing it innovatively.

Loreal engages ladies through its awesome and magnificent products, and their administration is super excellent. The core mission of Loreal is to empower the ladies globally. No doubt how popular their campaigns and taglines are, one of the iconic lines is “Because I Worth It,” which is emotional yet powerful, transcending and promoting beauty with confidence.

That’s not only that their products win the hearts of young girls and ladies, but deep down, their mission and feelings are attached to the customers. They have various ambassadors. The current ambassador is the Oscar-winning actress, powerful and successful young lady Kendel Jenner. Loreal belief that beauty is universally unique.

The Loreal telescopic original Mascara stands out for its uniqueness and fulfilling the demand of the ultimate definition: long lashes up to 60% without flaking and a clumpy look. It becomes a viral mascara on TikTok with the hashtag #lorealtelescopic, which has over 200 million views.

L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara: Review

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

Price at time of publish: $10.26 to $13 at Amazon, $11.99 at Lorealparisusa, $12.99 at Ulta.

  1. Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara, Washable Black Brown, $11.12 at Amazon.
  2. L’Oreal Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara, Washable Blackest Black, $8.58 at Amazon.
  3. Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara, Washable Carbon Black, $10.99 at Amazon.
  4. L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara, Waterproof Black, $10.99 at Amazon.
  5. L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Washable Mascara, Black Brown, $25.99 at Amazon.
  • Dramatic Lengthening Effect: Users have experienced significantly longer lashes with the l’oreal telescopic mascara, achieving impressive lash extension and enhancing the overall appearance of the eyes.
  • Precision Application: The slim telescopic mascara wand design and precise bristle arrangement allow for accurate and even application, ensuring each lash is coated without clumping, resulting in a defined and clump-free finish.
  • Long-Lasting Wear: The mascara demonstrates excellent durability, resisting smudging, flaking, and running throughout the day.
  • Ease of Removal: Despite its long-lasting properties, mascara is relatively easy to remove with standard makeup removers.
  • Formula Dryness Over Time: Some users may experience dryness in the formula over time, potentially affecting the smoothness and overall performance of the application.
  • Price Point Compared to Alternatives: While the Telescopic Original Mascara offers quality performance at an affordable price point, some users may find it slightly more expensive compared to other drugstore mascaras in a similar range.

The l’oreal telescopic mascara stands out not as it were for its lavish gold bundling but too for its useful plan and inventive highlights. With a smooth exterior that radiates modernity, this mascara offers more than fair aesthetics.

The thin telescopic mascara wand, exact bristle course of action, and user-friendly application make it a standout choice for those looking for extending, division, and ease of utilize in their mascara. It enhances your lashes with intense length and unique lash by lash separation.

The l’oreal telescopic mascara comes in sleek and elegant gold packaging that exudes luxury and sophistication, setting it apart from typical drugstore mascaras.

The mascara’s bundling is planned for client comfort, including a thin and easy-to-grip plan that improves client involvement by and large, making it perfect for ordinary use and travel.

The mascara’s packaging includes a slim telescopic mascara wand with extremely thin bristles that allow for precise application, reaching even the smallest lashes and corners of the eyes effortlessly.

Formulated with beeswax and carnauba wax, the telescopic original mascara offers a thick and buttery texture that prevents clumping and ensures smooth application. It is waterproof, fragrance-free, and suitable for sensitive eyes, providing long-lasting wear without irritation.

The high-precision flexible multi-comb design of the mascara features supple elastomer bristles that aid in precise application, ensuring each lash is coated evenly without clumping.

The slim wand design of the mascara makes it easy to apply, allowing for effortless lengthening and separation of lashes with just a few strokes. The brush is free of excess product, preventing clumping and wastage while providing a smooth texture for seamless application.

The formula is fragrance-free, ophthalmologist-tested, and allergy-tested. The telescopic mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  • Consistency: The Telescopic Mascara features a thick and buttery texture that prevents clumping, ensuring a smooth application process.
  • Color Intensity: The mascara offers intense black shades like black, carbon black, black-brown, and blackest black, providing a bold and dramatic look to the lashes.
  • Ingredients: Formulated with beeswax and carnauba wax, the mascara is waterproof/washable (versions), fragrance-free, and suitable for sensitive eyes. These ingredients ensure long-lasting wear without irritation, making it suitable for contact lens wearers as well.
  • Glide on Lashes: The slim wand design of the mascara allows for precise application, effortlessly reaching every lash and corner of the eyes.
  • Layering: With just one coat, the Telescopic Original Mascara delivers 60% longer lashes, and additional layers can further plump and curl the lashes to more perfection.
  • Drying Time: The mascara dries relatively quickly after application, allowing for easy layering without smudging or clumping. This quick-drying feature ensures a seamless finish that lasts throughout the day.
How to Layer Mascara for Long and Voluminous Lashes: Mascara Cocktailing Trend.

The L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara has gained recognition for its exceptional lengthening capabilities, with users experiencing significantly longer lashes. The mascara’s slim wand design and lengthening formula work together to provide impressive lash extension, enhancing the overall appearance of the eyes.

While the telescopic original mascara may not focus on volumizing lashes, it excels in adding length and separating each lash without clumping. The precision elastomer brush ensures that the product is applied precisely and evenly, resulting in a clump-free finish that enhances lash definition.

Users have reported that the telescopic original mascara holds up remarkably well throughout the day, demonstrating resistance to smudging, flaking, and running. The formula maintains its integrity without compromising on performance, even after extended wear, making it a reliable choice for long-lasting wear.

Despite its long-lasting formula, the l’oreal telescopic mascara is relatively easy to remove with standard makeup removers. Its smudge-free formula allows for hassle-free removal without excessive rubbing or irritation, ensuring a convenient makeup removal process for users.

L’oreal Telescopic Lift Mascara Black Waterproof

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Lift Mascara Waterproof
Image Credit: Amazon
L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Lift Mascara Waterproof - before and after results
Image Credit: Amazon

Price at time of publish: $10.18 to $14.99 at Amazon.

  • Lengthening and Lifting: Enhances lashes for a lifted look.
  • Separation: Defines each lash for a polished appearance.
  • Easy Application: Precise wand design for even coating.
  • Natural Look: Provides a fluttery, natural appearance.
  • Affordability: Offers great value as a drugstore option.
  • Limited Volume: May lack volume compared to other mascaras.
  • Multiple Coats: Requires several applications for desired coverage.
  • Weak waterproof Formula: Susceptible to smudging in water or humidity.
  1. Load Lashes: Coat lashes from root to tip.
  2. Comb and Separate: Use longer bristles to prevent clumps.
  3. Precision Application: Ensure even coverage on each lash.
  4. Build Coverage: Apply multiple coats for desired intensity.
  5. Removal: Use makeup remover for gentle removal at the end of the day.

L’Oréal Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara Waterproof Black

L'Oréal Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara Waterproof Black
Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: lorealparisusa

Price at time of publish: $10.99 at Amazon, $11.99 at lorealparisusa.

  • Intense Length: Provides up to 50% longer lashes for a dramatic look.
  • Unique Wand Design: Features a flexible precision brush with two sides for enhanced length and precise separation.
  • Clump-Resistant: The comb side of the wand ensures a clump-resistant application.
  • Fragrance-Free: Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Affordable: Offers high-quality performance at an accessible price point.
  • Limited Volume: May not provide significant volume compared to other mascaras.
  • Multiple Coats Needed: It requires several coats to build coverage and intensity.
  • Not Waterproof: Despite being labeled as waterproof, some users may experience smudging or running in certain conditions.
  • Start at the base: Place the brush at the base of your lashes and gently sweep up to the tips.
  • Comb Through: Use the flat side of the wand to lengthen and coat lashes evenly.
  • Separate Lashes: Utilize the comb side of the wand to separate lashes for a defined look.
  • Build Coverage: Apply multiple coats, allowing each layer to partially dry before adding more for the desired length and volume.
  • Removal: Use a waterproof makeup remover to gently remove the mascara at the end of the day.

According to Joy L., it is a budget-friendly lengthening mascara. Miss Joy L. rated this waterproof version of telescopic mascara five stars. She has very thin lashes, equal to nothing. This mascara does a great job of accentuating each individual lash without clumping. Moreover, she said, it is an everyday wear mascara; additionally, it looks nice even without using an eyelash curler.

With just one coat, it provides more awakened eyes and doesn’t weigh down the lashes. On the other hand, she also talked about the smudging after wearing it for a whole day. She said there was minimal to no smudging, even though it’s not waterproof. She is considering it a washable mascara, but it is waterproof, Miss Joy L. is mistaken. This l’oreal paris telescopic original waterproof lengthening mascara is so much easier and gentler on the eyes to remove in the evening.

L'Oréal Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara Waterproof Black before and after results
Image Credit: Amazon

Madam Bronte from Pennsylvania rated this mascara five stars on lorealparis website. She has very short and flat eyelashes. With just one coat, that was all she needed. Moreover, she said there was no unusual smell and a great wand with a nice grip size. Another plus point she noticed and also shared on lorealparis website to help users. She said there were no little black specks on her cheeks after a long day of wearing telescopic waterproof mascara.

bronte holding telescopic original waterperoof mascara
Image Credit: lorealparisusa

L’Oréal Telescopic Lift Mascara Black Washable

L'Oréal Telescopic Lift Mascara Black Washable
L'Oréal Telescopic Lift Mascara Black Washable before and after results

Price at time of publish: $42.58 at Amazon.

  • Instant Lift, curl and Volume: Provides an instant lift, curl, volume, and up to +5mm visible length for up to 36 hours.
  • Exclusive Brush Design: Features an exclusive load and lift brush with double-hook bristles for precise application.
  • Natural Look: Offers a natural, fluttery look without clumps.
  • Easy Removal: Simple to remove at the end of the day.
  • Suitable for Sensitivity: Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Limited Volume Potential: May not deliver significant volume compared to other mascaras.
  • Instruction Dependence: Requires adherence to application instructions for optimal results.
  • Preference for Dramatic Effects: Some users may desire more dramatic effects for special occasions.
  • Lift and Load Technique: Lift and load lashes using the front hook bristles, applying from root to tip.
  • Separation with Side Comb: Use the side hook comb to separate lashes for a defined look.
  • Personal Use Recommendation: Reserve the product for personal use and handle the applicator with care. Do not share your mascara with anyone. It can lead to the transmission of bacteria and viruses, potentially causing eye infections
  • Avoid Dilution: Refrain from diluting the mascara with water or other substances.
  • Proper Storage: Cap tightly after use and discontinue use if any changes in odor or appearance occur.

Price at time of publish: $11.12 at Amazon, $11.99 at lorealparisusa.

  • Intense Lengthening and Definition: Provides up to 60% longer lashes.
  • Ophthalmologist and Allergy Tested: Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Fragrance-Free Formula: Appeals to those sensitive to scents.
  • Beeswax Component: Prevents smudging and smearing.
  • Affordable Pricing: Offers value compared to other mascaras.
  • Non-Toxic Ingredients: Includes beeswax known for its non-toxic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.
  • Layering Requirement: May need to be layered with another mascara for enhanced effects.
  • Increased Cost Potential: Layering with another mascara can raise the overall cost of the mascara routine.
  • Lengthening and Separating: Swipe the wand across lashes for length and separation.
  • Clump Prevention: formula prevents clumping and sticks lashes together.
  • Layering Option: Consider layering it with another mascara, like Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, for added impact.
  • Generous Application: Apply generously for longer, fuller lashes that accentuate the eyes.

Pros and cons comparison, set apart and falls short analysis.

  • Renowned for its ability to add length, curl, and volume to lashes effectively, creating a sleek and natural appearance
  • Features a plastic brush with an abundance of bristles that enhance separation and provide a fuller lash line.
  • Offers a budget-friendly price point, making it an appealing choice for those looking for quality at a reasonable price.
  • May have a wet formula that can lead to clumping if not applied correctly, requiring users to wipe the brush before application for optimal results.
  • While it excels in lengthening the eyelashes, some users may find it lacking in volumizing properties, especially for those seeking more dramatic volume and thickness.

L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara:

  • Set Apart: Known for precision and lengthening abilities, it is ideal for those who prioritize definition and a natural lash look.
  • Falls Short: Potential lack of volume compared to other mascaras, requiring additional coats for a fuller appearance.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara:

  • Set Apart: Stands out for its lengthening effects, affordability, and sleek lash appearance. It is suitable for those seeking a budget-friendly option with noticeable length.
  • Falls Short: While excelling in length, it may lack volumizing properties for users desiring more dramatic volume and thickness.

Pros and cons comparison, set apart and falls short analysis.

  • Designed for volumizing lashes, offering a dramatic effect with intense fullness and thickness, making it ideal for those seeking bold and voluminous lashes.
  • Infused with coconut and jojoba oils to prevent lashes from drying out, providing a nourishing element to the formula.
  • Provides a jet-black shade that enhances the appearance of lashes, creating a striking and defined look without smudging or clumping.
  • While the mascara excels in delivering volume and lift, some online reviewers reported potential flaking issues, although this was not experienced by all users.
  • The packaging of the mascara may be considered bulky by some users, impacting the convenience of carrying it in a makeup bag or purse.

L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara:

  • Set Apart: Stands out for precision application and lengthening effects, suitable for those prioritizing definition and elongated lashes.
  • Falls Short:  May lack in volumizing properties compared to other mascaras, potentially not meeting the expectations of users desiring significant volume.

Lash Idôle Volumizing Mascara:

  • Set Apart:  Excels in providing dramatic volume and thickness, making it ideal for users seeking bold and voluminous lash appearance.
  • Falls Short:  Some users reported potential flaking issues, and the packaging may be considered bulky by some individuals.

kdaddy, a lady from the US, considers herself a true enthusiast for mascara. She bought the washable carbon black color of this telescopic mascara. The little wand is featured with a fine tooth comb; these are kind of a highbrow snot around mascara brush that separates and extends the lashes.

Moreover, she also shared her experience with the application. She said the application is very clean and makes the lower lashes look like bold bottom lashes as well. Miss Kdaddy decided to make telescopic mascara an important staple of her daily wear routine.

The lady named Tatelyn Bartlett is a long-time client of telescopic mascara who’s been staying with it for a long time. She cherishes how this mascara stays put and looks great for days. Moreover, she said this telescopic mascara is great for low-maintenance makeup wearers. Not only does it last a long time, but it also looks astonishing.

Tatelyn mentioned that telescopic mascara looks decent for about three days. Her lashes have been getting noticed from past few years; additionally, she has gotten incalculable compliments from ladies on her lashes, and they indeed brought it to a later “favorite things” party. It’s a true victor for her eyelashes.

Erika liked the mascara and she said it made her eyelashes look longer, and it’s very easy to clean up. She was very confused after reading some negative reviews about the wand. But she decided to give it a try. After the use, she shared her experience with the wand and said she didn’t have any problems with mine. The wand is perfect for lengthening the lashes. She would buy again.

After considering the surveys given, it’s apparent that the telescopic mascara conveys its guarantees and offers great value for cash.

Clients like kdaddy appreciate its originality of clean mascara application and lengthening capabilities. She loves the little wand; it is like having a fine tooth comb that extends the lashes and separates each individual lash.

Tatelyn Bartlett has been using this mascara for many years; she said it stays on lashes all day without flaking or smudging. Additionally, it is great for low-maintenance makeup wearers.

Erika’s review positively helped the users, who are very conscious of their lash loss. She said it is very easy to remove telescopic mascara after a long day.

  • For those looking for sensational length: The L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara with its accuracy wand offers lovely lash extension.
  • Users with delicate and sensitive eyes: The telescopic mascara did not receive any negative reviews from people with delicate or sensitive eyes. On the other hand, it is a clear message from Loreal that telescopic mascara is fragrance-free, ophthalmologist-tested, and allergy-tested. So, it is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Ideal for dramatic-length searchers: Highlighted by kdaddy’s review, its originality to lengthen the lashes dramatically makes it a standout choice.
  • Looking for gentle mascara/easy to remove: Erika’s review positively helped the users, who are very conscious of their lash loss and looking for a mascara that is gentle on their eyes. She said it is very easy to remove telescopic mascara after a long day.

My pro tip for people with delicate eyes and sensitive eyes: Apply a single coat to one eye with a very small quantity of product to test for any potential reactions. Furthermore, a lot of people do this: they mistakenly get the mascara into their eyes while applying to lashes. They use the wand more closely to their eyelid area. This may cause an eye infection. Actually, they touch the eyelid area closely in order to coat lashes from roots to tips.

Is telescopic mascara waterproof?

Yes, the L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara is available in a waterproof formula, enhancing lashes with intense length and providing up to 50% longer lashes.

Is telescopic a tubing mascara?

Telescopic mascara is infused with high-end lengthening properties and is famous among mascara lovers due to its inventive double-hooked wand. The L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara claims to have perfect telescopic extension up to 60% for thin, small, tiny lashes. Moreover, it is approved by verified reviews on big websites like Amazon, Sephora, and Lorealparis. But it is not a tubing mascara.

What brand is telescopic mascara?

L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics manufactures the Telescopic Mascara. The mascara is known for its imaginative characteristics that give strong length and fuller lash division, improving the normal magnificence of lashes.

In conclusion, the surveys collectively paint a positive picture of the L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara based on user reviews that I have included in the post. Reviews also include links, which you can verify by reading the reviews on major websites.

Key focuses highlighted its wand for dramatically enhancing the length of eyelashes, being suitable for people with touchy eyes and sensitive eyes based on positive input reviews, and the general fulfillment communicated by customers.

For those seeking dramatic length and precision in their mascara application, L’Oréal has specifically formulated the Telescopic Original Mascara. Its ability to lengthen the lashes and enhance the look of thin, tiny, and small lashes is delightful. This makes it an amazing choice for those looking to improve their eye makeup.

Furthermore, it may well be reasonable for clients with delicate eyes. By and large, this mascara offers flexibility, quality, and value, making it a must-have for anybody looking to enhance their lash appearance.

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