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What is Base Pour Mascara?

Known by another name, mascara primer, base pour mascara is a cosmetics product intended to improve the look and performance of mascara. Usually, it’s put to the eyelashes before mascara.

Photo by: cottonbro studio

Photo by cottonbro studio:

Use of a base pour mascara has the following main advantages and features:

Lengthening and Volumizing: A smooth, somewhat thick formula applied to each lash forms a foundation that amplifies the length and volume of the mascara. Even sparse or short lashes can seem longer and fuller with its help.

Curl Enhancement: Certain formulations dry slightly stiffer, which helps mascara be applied on top of the lashes to better hold their curl.

Enhance Adhesion: By acting as a bonding agent between the mascara and the lashes, the primer helps the mascara adhere better and lessens the chance that it will smudge or flake during the day.

Application: One applies it with a mascara-like wand. The wand makes sure the product gets applied uniformly from the lashes’ base to their tips. To guarantee best blending and performance, apply the mascara while the primer is still slightly damp.

A creamy, light-weight formula is found in most mascara primers. Though usually white, they are also available in clear or black varieties. Many primers’ white color serves to draw attention to the actual color of the mascara smeared over them.

These primers frequently include oils like jojoba or argan oil as well as vitamins (like vitamin E). By feeding and strengthening the lashes, these ingredients hope to encourage better growth and lessen breakage or fallout.

Better Mascara Performance: It helps to achieve a more dramatic, intense look with more length, volume, and curl by offering a prepared surface.

Protection: Acting as a barrier to prevent possible damage from applying and removing mascara, it protects the lashes.

Longevity: Contributes to maintain the appearance of just applied mascara for longer periods of time.

Destination Clientele: Although it’s good for everyone trying to get the most out of their mascara, people with fine, sparse, or short lashes or those who want to look more dramatic without using extensions or fake lashes will find it especially helpful.


A common step in many makeup enthusiasts’ regimens, base pour mascara provides an easy approach to maximize the effects of mascara and improve the overall appearance of the eyes.


Shahnaz Nazim
Shahnaz Nazim

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